Online Literary and Poetry Symposium organized by Halqa e Adabe-Islami Qatar

Report by: Mr  Mubassir Imaan 

Online Literary and Poetry Symposium organized by Halqa e Adabe-Islami Qatar (HAIQ) on eve of Qatar National Day as “Yawm al Watani Qatar”  was a great successful event and it gives privilege to tribute to all the citizens and Qatari nationals for this auspicious day.

The event was, chaired by the General Secretary  of Halqa e Adabe Islami Qatar Mr Muzaffar Nayab, the chief guests  Dr Rowais Mumtaz and Mr Khadid Daad Khan, the guest of honour Mr Mazhari Hussain Aqib Imad (India) and Mr Ziya Arshia (Saudi Arabia) , as always, besides the poets, writers and scholars, large number of audience have also joined the occasion.

Mr Iftekhar Raghib a renowned Urdu poet have performed the task of moderator with attractive anchoring and made the event a grand successful.

The program is started with the beautiful recitation of Holy Quran By Mr Atiq ur Rehman and translated by Mr Yasir Bashir .  The welcoming was addressed by Mr Fateh Sharif Umri Azhari.  Mr Abdul Rehman Shams recited the Hamd and Mr Mustafa Muzammil recited the Naat of Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

As per the tradition of the forum the first part of the event was allocated for the essay prose, two literatures were presented in this session, First article was on topic Qatar National Day entitled as

‘Al Yawm Al Watni Qatar’ by Mrs Farzana Safdar (Radio Qatar) who spoke about Qatar’s history, culture and  living style and expressed the love of expats towards Qatar. Tthe article was interesting and people attended the symposium was amazed to know about Qatar’s heritage and Culture.

And The second article was presented by Dr Saad Abdul Saleem on the topic Iqbal’s English Literature was an extremely valuable and interesting too.

Both the Articles proved to be very standard and were full of knowledge the audience attended the online symposium was appreciating the writers for their presentations.

The poetic section began after prose section before commencement Ms Dua Fatima recited the Naat of Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) which gave a beautiful start to the poetry session

Following this renowned Urdu Poets entertained the audience with their selected and excellent poetry

Dr tariq Faiz, Mr Farrukh Khan Shamsi, Mr Mubassir Imaan, Mr Basheer Abdul Majeed Umri, Mr Ashfaq Deshmukh, Mr Saadat Ali Saadat, Rafiq-e-mushaira Mr Aftab Qanbar, Ms Farzana Safdar, Dr Wasiul haq Wasi,Mr  Iftekhar Raghib, Mr Shad Akolvi nadvi, Dr Rowais Mumtaz, Mr Mazahir Hussain Aqib Imad, Dr Ziya Arshi and Mr Muzaffar Nayab the president of the event,  were fortunate enough to present their selected and best constructive poetry and brought the poetic symposium to its climax with full success to the event and few poets have  presented the beautiful poetry dedicated to Qatar National Day.

After the poetic session the anchor Mr Iftekhar Raghib invited the guests for their brief remarks and opinions on the complete session.

Final talk was addressed by the chair person of the day Mr Muzaffar Nayab and he said that “All praises are due to Allah the almighty that he covered many kilometers and made us all appear on the curtain and become a part of this gathering, seeing this scene , it becomes easy to imagine that when Allah will give the people of paradise the opportunity to talk face to face on golden throne.  May Allah grant us all that opportunity out of his bounty and grace and also pray that there will be gathering for the poetry, that we may all together glorify Allah in the same way  as we are doing now and sing the praises of his beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) Ameen.

Mr Muzaffar Nayab, while congratulating for this memorable and historic meeting, said that all the symposium of the Halqa e adabe islam are distinguished in the sense that,  in addition to poetry, prose is also presented which gives  prestige to the writers and the audience

Avoiding long conversation, I will briefly put my points before you, today’s program is important in the sense that its prose part has been named “Al- Yawm Al Watni Qatar” i.e. Qatar National Day. Halqa e Adabe Islam has in one way exercised the right of all Immigrants residing in Qatar, Irrespective of the religion, nationality, color, race, language and nationality. According to the reports dated 8th  of December 2020 Honorable Prime Minister of India had cordial conversation with His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar and congratulated him on Qatar National Day

We as Indians, welcome this congratulation, in response His Highness Tamim Bin Hamad al Thani, Emir of Qatar expressed his gratitude and said that Indians play a vital role in building Qatar’s infrastructure. We thank the Emir of Qatar His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani for this appreciation for the service to Qatar.

The people of Qatar and residents of Qatar, we extend our heartfelt congratulation on the occasion of Qatar National Day. Praise be to Allah. The residents of Qatar are happy with peace and order without any discrimination regarding the kind treatment of the Government of Qatar with the community of writers and poets living in Qatar

It is worth mentioning here that on the occasion of World Poetry Day, Al Sayyid Salah bin Ghanim Al Ali minister of culture and sports, Qatar, under the auspices of the Diwan Al Arab, organizes a literary program with a special invitation Urdu and Hindi poets are also invited in the year 2019, these gatherings were held in the open space of salwa road and in 2020 on the beautiful shore of Katara sea in which I  ( Muzaffar Nayab) was honored as guest along with Mr Iftekhar Raghib, Mr Basheer Abdul Majeed, Umri, Mr Shad Akolvi Nadvi and Mr Nadeem Mahir.  In this event the minister of culture and sports – Qatar, Al Sayyid Salah bin Ghanin  Al Ali, personally met all the guests one by one.  We once again want to convey a message of congratulations to all on the occasion of National day of our second homeland Qatar.

Giving brief impression of the meeting and poetic recitals, he said that from the beginning to the end the entire program was excellent and successful.  Rafiq-e-mushaira presentation of the article was also informative

The organizers of the Halqa e Adabe Islam are congratulated for holding this successful event and we pray Allah to further strengthen the Halqa e Adabe Islam for their good work Ameen

After this comprehensive sermon, the meeting ended successfully by  Mr Mubassir Imaan secretary of Halqa e Adabe Islam recited the prayer of conclusion of the meeting and thanked all the poets, Guests and audience and the team of Halqa e adabe islam for organizing this event.

The program can be watched on youtube at the below link



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