Corona Virus Myths
Reality of Heat Therapy for Corona Virus

CORONA VIRUS STEAM THERAPY FACTS | Coronavirus Myths Unfolded | Rumours & Fake Treament of Covid-19

Debate is going on about How Serious is the Coronavirus Pandemic in Pakistan & South Asia. Medical analysts says its too early to compare the data of china and Europe. So the question still remains unexplained. Why the chart of increase on this pandemic in Pakistan and South Asian Countries is different from China, Italy, USA and Spain. We pray and hope that less severity of this pandemic remains in South but there are some logical points to consider. One of the major cause of less confirmed cases is the very short number of tests conducted in Pakistan and South Asian Countries. On the other hand in all countries of the world many locals are making false claim to have the cure of coronavirus pandemic. In fact none of these cures or treatment are verified. The World Health Organization has strongly unfolded the myths. Many people on social media are sharing audio messages and videos claiming that corona virus is killed by the steam therapy. This is totally untrue and misleading. In fact this could cause burns on your skin and inside your mouth.

Steam Therapy for Corona Virus

So please stay safe and do not trust any of these rumours and recipes. In this video, I have how the steam therapy cannot kill the corona virus. But it could have the potentional to burn your skin and throat. If we want to eliminate corona virus from Pakistan we shall have to follow this suggestions. Dear Friends, Please share this video as much possible. Do subscribe my Channel Pktimes.

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