Best Researcher Award held at UO

The University of Okara’s Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) organized the Best Researcher Award (2019-2020) and a total of 18 awards were distributed among the faculty members who produced impact factor articles during last years. The ceremony was moderated by the Director QEC, Dr Kamran Arshad.

Addressing to the faculty, the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar said that the Researcher Award was meant to appreciate the academic contribution of the faculty. He urged the teachers to actively work for publications as it was necessary to compete in the international academic regime.

The VC told, “Recognition and credibility of teachers and institutions are derived through publications. The UO administration is determined to facilitate the faculty members in their efforts to conduct and publish quality research. Our future vision is to make UO a research university.”

There were two categories of awards. In the Best University Award category, the first position was secured by Dr Kamran Arshad while the second and third awards went to Dr Riaz Hussain and Dr Amjad respectively.

The Best Faculty Awards were distributed among all faculties equally. In Faculty of Life Sciences, Dr Maria Manzoor got first position while Dr Shafiq Ur Rehman and Dr Adeeb Babar stood second and third respectively. The first position in Faculty of Sciences went to Dr Hamood Ur Rehman while Dr Atif Ali Altaf and Dr Ghulam Mustafa secured second and third positions respectively. In Faculty of Management & Social Sciences, Dr Rai Shehbaz achieved first position while Dr Saqib Jamil and Rai Imtiaz were second and third respectively. In Faculty of Education, Dr Khalid Slaeem was at the top while the second and third positions were secured by Dr Tahir Khan Farooqi and Dr Nasrin Akhtar respectively. In Faculty of Computing, Dr Riaz Ul Amin was the first while Dr Ghulam Ali and Sana Yasin were second and third respectively.

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